Fall General Meeting 2018

Weclome back Franklin Families

It was great to have such a great turn out at our first PTA meeting for the 2018-2019 year.

This meeting we approved our Standing Rules to allow for more flexibility for meeting times and not limit the day to Thursday only meetings.

We are hoping to increase our membership this year, as in past years we have seen a steady decline. When you join our PTA you help support a larger national and state effort for education and student advocacy at legislative levels. We need members to continue to support our school and get continued support for volunteers and board members with education and resources.

As a member you are not required to attend meetings, but you do get an active vote and say in how our fundraising efforts support our school. Members are not required to volunteer. We keep our volunteer and member lists separate.

Please consider joining PTA to continue supporting our efforts, read more here.

Principal Howard kicked off our meeting with an introduction to school policies and the recent update to cafeteria seating assignments. This policy is a district policy for managing class flow into and out of the building for recess time. Because our school is growing this policy was re-instated from prior years to relieve sitting issues and help staff efficiently track and move students by grade from lunch to the playground. Students can sit with their grades and are not limited by class.

There was discussion about the proper pick up routines. Parents in the pick-up line were instructed to move forward whenever possible and pick up/drop off in front of the school only. A pink placard was provided in blue folders to help staff identify students and cars for pick up. Please place this placard on your dashboard or in view on your front window.

It was noted that there are two parent gathering places for foot traffic when picking up children. On the north side of the school and the south side near the flag pole. Kindergarten parents who are meeting their children were instructed to gather on the flag pole side so that teachers can learn new faces and make sure that kindergarteners are in hand.

Other drop-off/pick-up policies to note:

  • Right turns only out of the parking lot during pick up and drop off to help with flow of traffic.
  • Students should not be dropped off in the north parking lot. Parents should park and either let students walk safely or walk with their students.
  • Please be extra careful when having your child cross the street in front of the school. There is a crosswalk on the north end, and children should use this crosswalk as there are attendants managing traffic in morning and afternoon dropoff/pickup times.
  • For those parking behind the school, please back in to available spaces and watch for children walking
  • For those driving and parking on the streets behind the school, please do not block driveways or mailboxes (in the afternoon).
  • The speed limit is 20mph all around the school and parts of Lincoln. Please be mindful at stop signs, and turns.

During our first PTA meeting we also discussed upcoming events. Our annual fundraiser, the jog-a-thon, will be held on October 4th. This is event raises funds to support all of our programs for the school. You can read more about this event and sign up to volunteer here.

Other upcoming events, are our Costume Ball at the end of October. We are requesting a chair person for this event to help promote and organize the event. Please contact us if you would like to learn more.

We do an additional book fair fundraiser in November. This event helps supply our library and classrooms with much needed books.

Enrichment Programs are also starting. Mad Science sessions will be held in September and October. You can read more about this program and sign up here.

Minecraft is currently being negotiated as an instructor assistant is needed for the class.

Playwell will be held in the spring time. Please stay tuned for information on how to sign up.

We look forward to seeing you at our next meeting on November 8, at 3pm.

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