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Supporting our kids and school together with the help of our parents and teacher support.



Ben Franklin PTA 3.7.15 is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. We are active throughout the school year planning events and sponsoring school programs wit the help of our volunteers. Our fund raising efforts benefit the school and its families. Please join us in our efforts by becoming a member and volunteering.

Our Goals

  • Support the Franklin staff with volunteers and resources
  • Help create a positive learning environment for students
  • Be a liaison between parents and school for the benefit of students


Our PTA supports the following for our students and school

One of our more popular programs our PTA offers is after school enrichment programs. From Minecraft, Mad Science, and bike to school events, we hope to continue to offer diverse, fun, and enriching programs for our students.

We continue to support assistance to the school for supplies and equipment. Through our fundraising efforts we have been able to purchase new playground equipment, picnic tables and benches, and more.

After conducting a teacher survey, we discovered that our teachers spend a significant amount out-of-pocket to support our children’s learning experience. We provide extra support for our teachers and principal to support a better learning environment for our children.

We provide support for school field trips so that all students can enjoy a day out learning and experiencing what our community and beyond has to offer.

PTA coordinates with the school to bring enriching programs to the school. This gives students the opportunity to experience an enriching performance or learning program outside of their regular curriculum.

Our PTA funds Family Fun Night community events where students can come enjoy a themed evening with friends and family. We conduct a back to school social and last day picnic during school.

We coordinate with Quan Ren Parent Club to provide teachers and volunteers for help with their after school homework club. This program provides homework help to students in both the English and Mandarin track. For more information visit the Quan Ren on facebook.


Events are possible with the help of our volunteers

2 hour Ben Franklin Elementary
Join us for a meet and greet with the principal.
Ben Franklin Elementary
The next fair is April 12-19. Visit before school, during lunch or after school. The fair will be open extra hours during parent-teacher conferences.

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